Automated WordPress Installation

WordPress is web software that you can use to create blogs or unique websites of your own. It is an open source application and comes free of cost. This core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers and includes thousands of plugins and themes that you can use to transform your site and showcase your creativity and skill set.

WordPress is known for its ease of installation. There are many web hosts that offer a variety of ways to install this very useful application. There is the five minute installation which is an easy to use and quickest version among the rest, you can also choose to customize your installation by following a detailed procedure or you also have automated installations which are typically available from hosting companies. There are two very famous auto-installers. They are Fantastico and Softaculous.

The procedure to install Fantastico is as follows:

1. Go to the cPanel personal account and Visit the Fantastico (or even the deluxe version) preference.

2. As you go through the Fantastico option, you will notice a 'Blogs' Category on the left hand side under which WordPress is there. Click on it.

3. Click on the 'New Installation' Link in the WordPress Overview

4. Fill in the various details and click Submit.

5. Installation is finished!

Similarly, the procedure to install Softaculous is as follows:

1. Login to your host and look for Software/Services

2. Under Softaculous tab there will be a 'Blogs' Category. Collapse the category and you will find WordPress. Click on it.

3. You will see an 'Install' TAB which you have to click.

4. Fill in the various details and press Submit.

5. You have finished your installation process.

Once you install your WordPress application, you will be ready to use it. Plugins add an extended functionality to this application and helps maximize flexibility and minimize the code. Plugins are primarily used since they can be Wordpress Setup used to tailor their functions and features in their site according to their varied requirements. There are a few default plugins that are included with the WordPress core distribution such as:


Akismet is a very useful plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You can review the spam it catches, if any under "Manage" and it will automatically delete old spam after 15 days.

Hello Dolly:

Hello Dolly is the world's first official plugin that aims to symbolize the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation and was sung by Louis Armstrong by giving praises and credits to all of them with his song Hello, Dolly!